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Finding common ground is the key to relationships, whether between people, companies or communities. Not only is this Disa Turf’s philosophy towards business, but the company also physically creates spaces or “common grounds” where people from diverse backgrounds can come together.

Disa Turf has a wealth of experience in commercial landscaping and sports field construction. Growth has been the focus of founder Jacques van der Mescht since the first seed was planted in 1995. For Disa Turf, growth represents life, but it also represents hard work and effort. Growth does not happen by chance; it is the result of forces working together. Our projects are completed in time and on budget.

By giving life to large-scale prominent commercial projects, Disa Turf is not only growing the company, but also the communities within which it operates. Disa Turf strongly believes in working together to deliver quality projects on time. The company’s long-term business relationship with Mofomo Construction is evidence of Disa Turf’s commitment to the development and strengthening of the local economy. By employing local labour, the company also invests in economic empowerment and skills development.

Disa Turf’s approach to projects is that of complete professionalism. It is about getting things done! This take-charge attitude is reflected throughout the company structures with innovation, adaptability and responsibility as the driving force. Disa Turf places a high premium on client satisfaction, which comes down to being dependable in terms of quality and delivery.

Disa Turf aims to establish living monuments which will provide people with a memorable experience – whether relaxing in a park, attending a sporting event or simply being in beautifully and purposefully landscaped environments.